Friday, December 9, 2011

Make Reading a Joy

I found this on the Reading Sage, great blog to give insights about reading and how some kids really struggle. These are some great ideas to help instill the love of reading in your students. I already do most of these but there are some I really need to try.

TOP 10 Reading Strategies

-Read out-loud and have deep conversations about the readings
-Ask lots of questions to populate your minds curiosity
-Seek wise teachers that share the truth ( many teachers dumb things down for kids)
-Use a giant old encyclopedic dictionary to look up words
-Take notes and write words that your brain can chew on
-Reread everything and find new ideas and meaning every-time
-Read like actors reading for a play with passion and enthusiasm
-Find books that create a passion for learning
-Go to poetry readings
-Learn to sing new lyrics and songs
-Play strategy games that engage deep concentration
-Create time in your life to create serenity, bliss and wisdom from beautiful prose and poetry

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