Friday, June 15, 2012

Dog Attack!

Ok, this has absolutely nothing to do with school things, just a very upset me letting off some steam. I have a whippet. He is 14 years old, mostly blind, deaf and losing his strength in his back legs. I have lived in this same neighborhood for 28 years and so have walked him on the same streets for his entire life. This afternoon, I was taking him on his usual walk and out of nowhere this dog comes and bites him on the rump. He kept attacking my dog and I am beating the dog with my hands trying to get him off my dog. I finally get him by the collar and yank him off my dog and then the collar comes off. Yep, I thought, oh s___, now what!! The dog finally ran off and then the owner comes out and starts telling me that I shouldn't be walking down her street and that no one on the block likes my dog etc, etc, etc. How is any of this relevant??? Here I stand, totally shaken with a bleeding elderly dog and she doesn't even apologize or offer me any help. When I called the police to file a report she accused me of wanting her dog put down. All I know is that I need to file a report and then get my dog to the vet. I ended up carrying a 32 pound injured whippet 4 blocks home. We got to the vet, after hours mind you, so it is an emergency visit and he ended up with stitches and mega antibiotics since I guess dog bites carry lots of germs. The vet told me that in Illinois the owner of the dog that did the biting is legally responsible for the dog and anything it did and will have to pay the vet bill. Also, our town has a leash law so there will be a citation for that. They will need to take their dog in to be observed for rabies. My dog couldn't defend itself if it wanted to. It is old and frail and was just enjoying his afternoon stroll. What is most upsetting to me now, knowing that he will be ok, is that this woman took no responsibility for her dog attacking my dog at all. Seriously, what is this world coming to????? This is what his poor little behind looks like after the vet visit! Here is his sad little face resting on his bed.

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  1. Hi Kathy:
    I'm sorry that this happened to you.
    Is if it weren't bad enough that your dog was injured, having the other woman have such an attitude problem only made things worse.

    Sending you warm wishes and a cyberhug...

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