Friday, July 13, 2012

Planning with the CCSS

After spending most of my summer vacation reading and researching, I have finally begun to write my writing and reading units. Today I worked on Argumentative writing. I am so glad that I am teaching all 3 middle school levels because the CCSS pretty much says the same thing for each level with just a bit more added to 7th and 8th grade. This makes writing the unit much easier. I simply have to make adjustments for the higher levels and of course go into a bit more depth. I plan on teaching my grammar in conjunction with the writing, so now that I have this unit structured, I am figuring out what I want to focus on at each grade level, still keeping an eye on the CCSS.

Anyone else out there planning with the CCSS in mind? I figure it is best to just jump in with both feet and as I teach I will fill in the gaps. I know the students will be lacking in areas, especially in the area of writing, so I will teach what I need to teach as I find out where they are lacking.

I sure would appreciate any information anyone may have relating to the CCSS.


  1. I placed some resources I have found helpful here:

    I hope it helps you too.

    1. Wow, that's a great wealth of information. Thanks so much for sharing.