Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Grading practices and homework!

I know that I have not posted in eons.  I let the every day job of working and living take over my life.  I am starting the new year with a resolve that I will either develop this blog or create a new one and have a focus that will be everything education.  I don't know if I will focus more on my classroom experiences or the larger picture of, and problem with, education today.  I still need to do some soul-searching to decide how I want to proceed. 
Anyway, I have been doing research into grading practices since I am not at all pleased with what I have been doing in the past AND I have a new principal who is very supportive of change if it will make our school a better place for the students, and I came across this video by Mark Lemont that I think is quite interesting.   Please listen to the entire video before coming to any conclusions.  (I say this because there are a few comments on ADHD that might offend some) 

I have also been looking into using Steve Peha's 3P grading system and would appreciate feedback from anyone who has used it. (when you click on the link, scroll down to the link for 3P grading on the left)  I teach a reading/language arts block for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and I have been using a 4 point system for grading the first part of the year so switching to that wouldn't be so tough, it is the rest of the model that might be a bit hard to sell to parents.  However, if I can convince my principal of it then I know I will be ready to tackle my parents.  After all, don't we want the same thing, for their child to do their best and be assessed accurately? 

So, if there is anyone out there still reading my blog, I would appreciate any input that you could offer on grading and homework. 


  1. Hi Kathy:
    I'm still reading your blog! Grading is a struggle for me. I have such a big range of ability levels, I always feels that grades are defeating... well, everyone!
    I'm interested to see what you discover...

    Happy New Year!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. Thanks Kim! I'm surprised there is anyone out there still reading. I appreciate that you came back to see what I posted. I don't comment on many blogs, but I am a silent stalker! I get many ideas from your blog.