Sunday, September 25, 2011

All I do is work!

Well, I haven't had a chance to update anything in here because all I do is work. However, I have found this wonderful blog Sixth Grade Scott Foresman Reading Resources by this wonderful teacher from Alabama. The author is Shannon and she writes about what she does with her sixth grade Language Arts classes each day. She gives all of these wonderful links and shares her work and the handouts she gives her students. If you are using the Scott Foresman Reading street, I highly recommend her blog. It will help you immensely!
I usually teach more with novels but I have been presented with a class this year that is lacking in almost all their skills. So I have returned to the basal in order to help them come up to speed. I gave them their first reading test from the basal this past Friday and EVERYBODY passed. And not just passed, but with an 85% or better! And if you know anything about these tests, you know they are hard! I was so proud of my group that I gave them cookies, popcorn and a movie in the afternoon. Although I can't really afford to spend time on a movie, they have had such a rough start to the year and they have been trying so hard to do well (despite their overall lack of skills) and please me that I felt it was important to reward their work.
Now I am moving on to the next story in the basal and am hoping that they will do as well this week!
Now if only I could get them to write well and perform well in math! This is going to be a LONG year!


  1. Hi Kathy!

    I am so glad that I found your blog!
    Isn't it amazing that some kids come to sixth grade lacking so many skills? (And some kids arrive WITH so many skills?!)
    I am looking forward to hearing more about your teaching and about how your year progresses.

    Best wishes!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Thanks for the shout out about my blog!!! I have not followed the Scott Foresman program this year like I did last year-just started Old Yeller today! I am going to use maybe 1 story from the basal each 6 weeks (possibly 2) and the other weeks will be short reading passages and fresh reads to teach the skills/strategies without complicated text! :)

    I feel the same way that you do-I WORK ALL THE TIME! :)